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When the storm hits,

you need a steady hand by your side.

And one well-placed rock.

Losing your job is traumatic. Standing up to discrimination is hard. Working under the constant stress of sexual harassment is exhausting. Defending against false accusations is humiliating. Fighting back against an unfair workplace is intimidating. 

Employment laws are complicated, and they are changing every day. Handling an employment dispute on your own is difficult and often makes the situation worse, especially if you are fighting against a giant company with an army of lawyers. If you wind up in litigation, the fear and anxiety may be overwhelming. You don't need an army of lawyers, but you do need help.

Let me bring some honest advice, plain talk, and trusted experience to the battle. 

I advocate for individuals - employees and entrepreneurs - every day.  I am an experienced trial lawyer who gets results inside and outside of the courtroom. In any battle with an individual, big companies have lots of advantages: size, money, resources, advertising, an army of employees and lawyers. But they are not unbeatable -- not by a long shot. It only takes one well-placed rock heaved with a steady hand to bring down a giant. Even in the midst of a storm.